How can GCR help your business?

Most data breaches happen at businesses with under 1000 employees.

GCR offers a Hacker Alerting service to small business.  The service consists of deploying a credit card sized hacker detector device, called the GCR Security Canary.  The Canary sits inside your business’ network as a passive intrusion detection sensor – appearing to intruders to be a desktop computer, a server or a network device – which will entice intruders.   

When an intruder interacts with a Canary and tries to gain access to it, the Canary will inform the GCR’s Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) which is operated in Ottawa.  GCR staff will notify you of the unauthorized access attempts and recommended actions your business can take to frustrate the intruder’s attempts to compromise your business. 

What is a “Canary”?

The GCR Security Canary is a compact device which you can easily install in a few minutes.  It has one ethernet connection to your internal network (the network behind your firewall) and a power connector.

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It automatically connects to the GCR IT Cybersecurity Operations Center and sends notifications of suspicious interactions.  Only information about intruder interactions with the Canary are sent to the Security Operations Center.

The Hacker Alerting Service is free for qualified businesses!

The service is currently in a closed pilot deployment phase.  There is no cost to your business to participate in the pilot phase.  Pilot deployments are targeted at qualified Ottawa region SMEs.   Pilot deployments will typically run between 6 and 12 months.

The GCR Security Canary device is provided as part of the service but the device remains the property of GCR and must be returned upon completion of the pilot deployment.